How can the design of cookbooks lessen the negative impact the cost of living has on student mental wellbeing? In this thesis, I have examined the benefits cooking has on our psychological wellbeing. Beyond the nutritional benefits that accompany the practice, cooking can serve as a therapeutic means to take respite from the pressures and anxieties of everyday life. I therefore propose that the design of cookbooks can address issues and encourage a favourable practice, which can consequently be used as a tool to improve mental wellbeing. Cooking Your Way to Happiness is the printed publication of my dissertation. Designed in the format that resembles my mother’s cookbook, which was handed down from her mother, the publication features a multitude of “recipes” that make up my thesis.


Case Studies included Norman Rockwell's "Freedom From Want"

Screwpost binding

I constructed the whole book, included the original pages and cover.


Extracts from my dissertation were handwritten and printed in different papers to reflect the original nature of a cookbook.

Case Studies

I also inserted recipes and versions of work that was based off this research.

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