Olfactorium – incorporating ‘Portrait of the Artist'


I am presenting an olfactory installation comprising of several elements, four large screen print representations of the olfactory bulb within my own brain. Accompanied by four smaller versions of the same image, infused with friction activated scent. Ideally representing the various aspects of my own personality with smell. Alongside the 2D work is a large, suspended, soft sculpture of an olfactory bulb, infused with several odours of it's own. My practice is centred around creating art beyond the visual. Solely, or enhanced, by olfactory elements aiming to stimulate certain psychological responses; as an aid to invoking certain memories and evoking a variety of emotions; ultimately enabling the viewer to engage with the art in a new way.

Olfactory bulb enjoying nature

Soft sculpture suspended from a tree in the woods

Olfactory bulb enjoying some meditation

soft sculpture on carved bench

Olfactory bulb charging the olfactory memory

soft sculpture in flower bed

Olfactory bulb recharging the batteries

soft sculpture in bed

Artist with Portrait of the Artist-Green

Portrait of the Artist - Green

Screen print on canvas, 36"x36" (91.44x91.44cm)

Portrait of the Artist - Blue

Screen print on canvas, 36"x36"

Portrait of the Artist - Orange

Screen print on canvas, 36"x36"

Portrait of the Artist - Pink

Screen print on canvas, 36"x36"

Smell in (e)Motion

Leather bound book of dry point etchings

Audience participation

scratch 'n' sniff invisible paintings

Work in progress

Print on drying rack

Work in progress

Screen printing in action

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