The project consists of ceramic works and two oil paintings, forming an artistic expression against each other. The layout of the entire exhibition and the selection of these two artworks emphasize the complex intertwining of human figures, nature, and society. Through artistic expression across various media, they convey to people different dimensions and perspectives on the human body and nature. Highlighting the female role at home, it reflects on how, like landscapes, domestic spaces are socially constructed as feminine domains, perpetuating traditional gender roles by portraying women primarily as caretakers and nurturers. The ceramic, titled "The Girl who Devours the Sun," and the two paintings, titled "Entwined Room," are dominated by natural green tones, depicting a scene. The background of the oil painting echoes the facial painting of the figures in the ceramic work, enhancing the visual and thematic connection between the works.

The Girl Who Devour the Sun

Ceramic, 30 cm x 16 cm x 70 cm The sculpture takes the shape of a twisted body figure and female face, forming a fantastical landscape. Its myriad openings and cavities invite exploration, hinting at the inner world, and suggesting themes of introspection, emotion, and the human condition. The drawings on these ceramics derive primarily from my print works, especially etchings that capture fine details. Showcasing these intricate touches on ceramics is fascinating to me. The drawings depict women's bodies and their inner conflicts, with many faces representing different aspects of myself—fear, confusion, curiosity. These expressions and emotions combine to form a complete person. The central face is depicted swallowing the sun, which serves as my source of inspiration. The sun symbolizes not only a natural element but also something hidden, reflecting a theme of introspection and the idea of consuming everything around it. This combination of detailed drawings and thematic symbolism enhances the storytelling aspect of the ceramics.

Entwined Summer

Oil on Canvas, 170 cm x 280 cm The twisted face and environment symbolize unsettling encounters in women's daily lives, reflecting feelings of both familiarity and strangeness and prompting reflections on the hidden depths and complexities of ordinary life. One of the two paintings is inverted, but they are connected to depict a continuous mountain range, symbolizing the connection between the inner self and nature. The inverted face is black, yet it simultaneously forms the mouth of another face. In the painting on the right, I outlined the shape of a face, while the left body faces the large face on the right, creating a sense of interaction. I used a lot of green, inspired by natural colors from my landscape photos, featuring continuous mountains and stones through water surfaces.

The Girl Who Devour the Sun

Back Side of the Sculpture

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