The UK is the first country that I have been abroad. It was February 2022, then later July 2022, April 2023, and will be April 2024 again. The purposes are different every time. Luckily, they haven’t ever rejected my VISA. It is a joke that I become an expert now to know what documents to provide and what you should notice during the VISA process. My reality is the heart of the work. It is never easy to explain in a few sentences what I have been through, with layers of paperwork coming from the Vietnamese system, then the UK system, and finally under the global framework of defining which rating that country is. Of course, there are more than this. ‘dó’ paper - a traditional Vietnamese paper. I would use the fountain pen as usual. This time I decided to carry out a mediated process of rewriting all of the documents I had to prepare for the VISA in the last three times. It was a hundredth page to certify, to notarize, to gaze, to sign, to give up sometimes. All now transform into letters, with thoughtful writing and thinking. The heavy paperwork is from ‘what they need me to prove’ which gives me questions of ‘am I a human?’. The work could be considered to emerge during the process for example deleting words, erasing drawings, responding by poems, or voice reaction...

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