Here are some of my assignments at the end of the PDO course. In general, I use the form of three-dimensional tailoring to produce and convey my attitude. These works show some of my thoughts on the relationship between man and nature, and express my love for nature. Through this project, I hope to inspire people to protect and think about nature.

Striped Ocean

True to its name, I wanted to show the plastic pollution of the ocean through this work. But I made it from biodegradable plastic. I want to use environmentally friendly materials to create a pollution theme, forming a sense of contradiction, to express my sorrow for Marine pollution and call for environmental protection.

Falling Dance

Each leaf is different, both in color and posture. I use different forms of fallen leaves to piece together a dance dress, which I think is a romantic expression of the beauty of nature.

Material drawings and design drawings for 'Striped Ocean'


Blueprints and leaf prints of the Falling Dance.

Mood board of Striped ocean

Design drawings and production process

Broken or drunk

Broken or drunk

Some people live their lives through alcoholismTo numb the ego and escape from realityBreak the wine bottle into piecesCenter on the heart positionExtend around the bodyBy the way the blocks are constructed in three dimensionsSymbolizing the body and heart of an alcoholic

The bound pain

We inflate viruses and cancers, trying to make them foat away like balloons. But the pain binds us and binds them, unable to escape.

The bound pain

The green of the last days

I used burnt paper and cotton thread in the form of moss to make this work. Like moss growing out of the ruins of the last days, life erupts in the silence of death. Through this work, I want to reflect the idea that there is hope no matter what difficulties. That's what nature taught us.

The green of the last days

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