"It's the year 2050. The Table is a platform where personal aspect of ourselves — traits, skills, experiences — can be commodified, put up for rent, and embodied by others." The card game is made up of challenge cards that prompt the players to discuss the implications of this innovation on a personal, organisational, and societal level. When we anticipate, design, and introduce future innovations, we believe it’s critical to consider the wider implications it will have on our humanhood. The game mimics real world innovation management challenges and can be used in organisational settings to foster a more thoughtful, ethical, and comprehensive approach to innovation. Card content: Lisja Tërshana, Yetunde Abdou, Sofian Khrais, Aleksandra Piotrowska Speculative scenario: Lisja Tërshana Research led by: Mira Nagpal Game mechanics and testing: Lisja Tërshana, Aleksandra Piotrowska Card design: Ojasve Nanda

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