@24framesoftruth is an Instagram page and art installation work that explores the relationship between films, social media and perception. Films, as an art form to represent and depict time, are commonly consumed on social media platforms as fragments. I go to the extreme and reduce film sequences into individual frames, then post them one by one on Instagram, the social media platform dedicated to still images. Making use of its interface, by scrolling through of the profile page, the film stills are restored as moving images. The “materiality” of Instagram is used to look into how films, as a century-old art form, are consumed in the most “contemporary” way. An installation comprises of a phone, a camcorder and a projector is set up to invite viewers to scroll through the page themselves. While having fun, the viewer’s finger is also projected on screen. Its scrolling movement is connected to early cinema history, when films were screened by rotating the hand crank of the projector. The installation’s ergonomics captures the same mechanical action that made cinema possible a hundred years ago. Now everyone can become an “instaprojectionist”. The work demonstrates how one can challenge perception towards an everyday interface by using it not the way one is told to. It opens ways for viewers to re-imagine their interactions with these interfaces. The work also plays with the parallel of films and social media, as both are made by weaving montage of one’s life to form a stream of time.


screenshot of the Instagram page

@24framesoftruth - Installation view

@24framesoftruth - Installation view

@24framesoftruth - Installation view

Close-up shot of a viewer interacting with the work

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