This is a publication designed about the connection between ego(individual) and the world(collective). It discusses the position of the individual in the collective. How do individuals exist in society, and how to properly treat the deep relationship between individuals and collectives? This is what we should think about as the designer and artist. Through continuous exploration, experimentation, communication, and reflection, I found that one's memory can reflect one's ego. Starting from my personal memory, I completed this project through photography and explored various visual communication in it. Artists and designers can be said to be a bridge between individual and collective, so my audience is mainly for artists and designers. The biggest role of artists and designers is to appeal and speak, which simply means to attract people's attention. We may not be able to solve the problem, but we can point out the problem. When everyone can think from different angles and break the original framework, when everyone dares to face the absurdity, it will be a new world beyond the present. These ego and ego are like the aggregation points of a spider web, interspersed with each other, extend infinitely, and weave together a larger world. This may be how contemporary artists and designers connect with the world. The outcome of the project is a box containing 229 photos, a pamphlet, a series of posters, some stickers, and some cards printed with personal inventory collected from different artists and designers. The main content in the box is 229 photos, which are my personal memories and reflect my ego. This box acts as a point on the net. There are countless points extending out of the net. They continue to extend their tentacles in all directions, trying to find other points. Express a kind of tentative and desire to establish a connection with the world. Use this point to represent a general situation of the relationship between individuals and collectives.

Ego Box

This is the first part of the exhibition, people need to watch this box outdoors. Based on the sketch I made in my workflow, I realized the final display of the box. “Considering the spider web elements mentioned in the project many times, my first plan was to place the box in the center of a large web. The designers&artists' personal inventory is posted on this web. It is best to print these photos on mirror paper to make them shine together. ” “Because spiders will thread on the tree, the branches themselves are also intertwined, which constitutes a natural network of connections. In the first plan, I thought of sticking all the photos I took on a tree trunk, and then hanging the personal inventory of other artists and designers on the branches. ” Combining these ideas I recorded before, I hung the material "bead curtain" I prepared on the tree to form a spider web-like net, and then placed the box in the center of the net. After that, I hung the collected small photos with personal inventories from different designers and artists on the net. The back of these small photos are also reflective mirror material. In this way, the light emitted by these small photos and the light emitted by the box reflect and intersect each other, forming an indescribable connection between ego and ego, and these connections weave a larger world.

Ego Box

Guide Poster

There are four posters in this series. The four posters are connected in series with the same elements. The lens continues to zoom in, which means that the field of vision continues to expand, and the connection between each ego and the world is gradually expanding. The upper part of the first piece is the spider font I designed, the text is "Ego & World", and the following is a large area of ​​blank space, giving people space to think. The small print is the questions and keywords that this project wants people to discuss. There is no text in the second poster. I use elements to weave a dense net into a negative shape of a box in the middle. This box, like a spider, extends its tentacles in all directions to express an exploration of the world. The third one has a farther view. Now we can see the connected egos. They have different forms, but they are inextricably linked to the world. They form a whole. The fourth one is a global perspective. Each ego is the center of the world it is in. Each ego also forms one big world. I placed four small circles on the four corners, because in Chinese traditional culture, 4 represents all directions, which also means that ego has unlimited ways to connect with the world.

Photography Wall

This is the second part of the exhibition. After watching the outdoor box, people can come indoors. This part is an interactive session. People can watch the photos displayed on the wall and other contents in the box to learn more about the issues that this project wants to discuss. First I let people read the pamphlet as a guide, and then watch the photos and visit the other contents in the box. After that, people can sit down and complete an interactive content, that is, use stickers to post what they think of the connection between ego and the world. My audience posted some beautiful and interesting works, which allowed me to see the connection between ego and the world in their eyes. And we discussed the subject of my project further, and I can got some good feedback.


When we walk into the secret garden of a person's memory, we can see how a person's ego is connected to the world. When a person can develop a romantic and peaceful universe, it can best illustrate the diversity of a his/her ego. How individuals exist in society, and how to properly deal with the deep relationship between individual energy fields and collective‘s. These photos start from personal memories and discuss my thinking about the times as artists and designers. Individual and collective are no longer opposites. What I hope to explore is the role that individual plays in the collective. We ourselves come from the collective, we can never leave the collective. Our creation should be based on political and historical foundations, and our horizons should be expanded to a larger scope. When everyone can think from different angles and break the original framework, when everyone dares to face the absurdity, it will be a new world beyond the present.

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