This is a graphic novel I did for my final major project in CCW Foundation. I was inspired by the korean movie "Parasite". I created a cinematic universe by basing my novel on two characters, Minhyuk and Giwoo, that both appeared in "Parasite". I have also recorded down my process at:

Chapter 1: Beginning

Taken place at their high school era, this chapter focuses on how the two boys met each other and became close friends. It also recorded down how everything happened because of Minhyuk’s unnecessary kindness.

Chapter 2: Trigger Point

Taken place at overseas, this chapter focuses on Minhyuk’s reaction when he first heard the news of what happened to Giwoo.

Chapter 3: Finale

Taken place in Seoul, Korea, this chapter focuses on Minhyuk’s internal voice, showing the reader how he eventually ended up.

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