Most of consumers believe that owning certain product could make them more like the persons they want to be in their dreams. Having this conception in mind, the customers would like to fulfill their dreams by overspending. So many people do not choose clothes based on their personal styles and financial conditions. Instead, they follow the trends blindly and often buy clothes that don't fit them. Also, I found an interesting relationship between the consumers and the products. When the consumers find out their favorite clothes are on sale, they are afraid of the beloved pieces taken away by others, so they will naturally grab those clothes and hold them in their arms. Based on this finding, I developed an idea of "too much". Therefore, in my designs, I added the folds on the side of the shopping bag as a design element and let the accumulation of clothes reach a state of overload and imbalance. Through this collection to criticize the infinite psychology of irrational consumption by purchasing all goods related to the ideal person. To achieve what they think is the best. That’s why this collection is not for sale.

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