Teaching people how to cook is our main purpose to help more young people who can’t or don’t like to cook, the site of the cooking restaurant we decide to choose in Brighton, it’s the best place to bring your food to this natural and peaceful place and enjoying your weekend. Most of the waste material I use in the cooking restaurant, then reuse and re-design to achieve an eco-friendly system and create a strong contrast when you came into this space, more like to announce people to think about the world and environment.

spatial testing - find inspiration

find the inspiration from the hand making models then collage together to create the different fuctions of the space

research of the space & client

before create the space, to research about my client and decide which part and functions I need and finally draw a 3D sketch collage

Plan & Section

Colour paln and section can show this space in more vitually

Site section & Axonomentric explosive drawing

Final views

show the 4 different views in Eating & Entrance & Cooking & Showing area

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