'A' like blue, as pith with yellow and green. In the midst of the segment lies. Jargon.

Exalt the explosive sensations, re-conceptualise the exploring, liberating vehicle of material- the full expression is revealed.

Declare bodily experiences with tangible imprints of the mechanical forces of modular multiplication. ‘Swift’ mass consumption. Automatic repetition.

The absurd beings offer terrains for investigation … combines the fragmented and juxtaposed parts implying ‘objects’, malleable materials as a proxy for firmly positions.

Ephemerality, like everything, is relative.

Traces of symptoms … psychological experiences … deeper behind … desire. Engage vulnerable ephemerals - fixed, despite everything.

Poetically compelling … the pre-figuration of indices [in their hyperbolic form].

Oscillating constructions, existing there a fragmented destruction, re-assembled, influenced in stark focus under eternal climate investigation: ruined implications and autonomous space.

Assembling conditions of the uneasy human (to) confront experience.

Hanging like windows, displayed as paintings, reminiscent of eyelids, yet our understood understandings subverted. The window observes, a new viewpoint, different lookings… experience in perspective.

Evoking the instability of a homogenous society in constant global flux and perpetual motion.

Frame of reference being merely an abandoned tool, dreamlike melancholy only highlighting precarious absurdity.

The space, alteringly simple … subversive, metaphors arise in a mirror of interventions, an ultra-perception, reflect on the space, an influence to the post-minimal.

Brutalist connotations … inherent, like barbed wire links creative thoughts as chains, anticipating the beauty of necessary complexity, utilising formalism.

Ground-breaking barbed wire! Industrial symbolism protests associations. Social turmoil. Political focus. Toying with contradictions embedded with duplicle meanings.

(The structure) engages motion … rocking … counters hard edged, permeated with content, while eschewing figuration.

Recalling (furthermore) industrial enclosures, alluding personal experience, segregation.

Spanning period, evolving response, Radical Honour.

Nostalgic interest explores individuals.

A labour vehicle, forged titles, brutality together, against the individual body.

Pedestal works address the legacy, muted slavery, associated with shadows, a number of colours. Handmade shadows transform abstraction from ongoing ability to utilitarian exploration.

Speaking, looking, the continuity of a person, synthesising a reflection of ever-present experience.

Referencing derivations and reworking forms, spanning a body included in this articulation of practice, defines revelationary as an engagement of abstraction.

Early introduction credits abstracted appreciation for improvised compositions, segregated by language, visual, non-literal.

Solidified with ease, intuitively formal, now provided with a means to disparate. Forged fragments. Find. Make. Exemplify the tension, radically climatize. Create relief. A chain of rigour, hanging, developing, distilling amidst the struggle.

Provided systems, returning over three, refraining from a reference of the experimental minute.

Likened embodies manifest oppression.

A recent spike, curved shackle, angular qualities. A ritual evokes the popular cry (the struggle continues).

A universal gesture travelled to members, initially a collective of fifteen formed a spiral as support in response to the abstract individual. Following the power of visual change, geometrics were projected to transform non-physical environment.

Vocabulary has no essence in sharp focus, nor practice influenced by patterns.

Formally personal but observed in a traditional system. Lessons in persistence and the power of symbolism, uniquely individual as the complexities continue to enlighten a statement for connectivity through ongoing struggles for triumph.

Semi-rocking lengths of Chain, heavy in rhythmic counterpoint, composed gravity is suspended in vibrant portions.

Enclosed, not blocked, the economy of space, something in a line …

Exponentially industrial, sculpting abstraction with a split signature.

Attempts of articulating form, undulating, limits of echo.

Emphasising focus, with basic elegance, innovating bodies made from cohesive paper – radical aesthetics at heart.


orAnge jArgon


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