The whole idea for this project was to find out the effect of gaming in relationships to show in a comic format. I wanted to draw awareness of these issues of effects such as obesity, anxiety, depression and lack of real friends. There are many gamers who also experience a demand for companionship when playing games (Colwell & Payne, 2000) There is research found that there is positive as well as a number of negative effect from (overindulgent) gaming on interpersonal relationships, this project is focusing on the negative effects in games within a relationship.

The effect of gaming in relationships

This is the finished piece showing the four different effects due to video game addiction this could have negative effects on your relationship.


The diagram shows the hours spent on gaming and levels when, gaming addiction becomes dangerous.


This is a comic of the different effects caused by gaming in relationships I wanted to use the consoles to demonstrate the effects.


This storyboard shows the effect in relationships due to addiction and a lack of adequate sleep this can also influence on the relationship. When one partner stays up late to play video games.


This is a diagram of some research gathered for this project, it is also a visual display targeting pacific research. I wanted to draw awareness to these effects.

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