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Stacey Richards

London College of Fashion

MA Fashion Cultures: Fashion and Film

About me

Alongside studying my MA Fashion Cultures: Fashion and Film at London College of Fashion, I began my freelance professional career within the film and tv industry. Having previously worked at the costume house; Angels The Costumiers for a period of 6 years, within the military department, I learned a great depth and breadth of knowledge regarding this specialist area. This exceptional experience gave me the ability to tackle all aspects of historical military dress, alongside working with extremely talented individuals on productions. My work whilst studying my MA focused on the idea of the branded body, the concept of what we wear imprinting itself on us throughout our lifespan is a captivating and chilling thought. Having observed how the body alters once placed within a military uniform, within the confines of film sets, this work examines what the body carries with it and the objects placed upon it, even if the objects are removed. Using film production as a means to explore this idea of the inscribed body, a short piece was produced alongside written work.

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