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Tejaswini Sood - Graduate

London College of Fashion

MA Fashion Futures

About me

I'm Tejaswini, hailing from the vibrant landscapes of India. Armed with a background in Fashion Product Development, my current endeavour is to push the boundaries of exploration and speculation at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence and Humanity. Through the mediums of prototyping and storytelling, I aspire to unravel the future possibilities and dynamics inherent in this fascinating intersection.My unique journey involves seamlessly blending my expertise in Fashion Product Development with a newfound passion for AI. I am committed to evolving my creative practice by navigating the synergies between these two diverse realms.In my quest to make sense of the world, I resort to the language of prototyping, doodling, sketching, and the art of "making". Join me on this exciting journey where the worlds of fashion and artificial intelligence converge, giving rise to a narrative that transcends boundaries and challenges conventional thinking.


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