Uploading media files to UAL Showcase

Last updated: 19 January 2024

To add your work to the UAL Showcase, you upload it via Portfolio.

When you are uploading your work to Showcase, there are specific types and size of media file that work best.


File types

You should use these media file types:

  • JPEG – recommended for images
  • PNG – recommended for illustrations
  • GIF (note: animated GIFs may not work in all browsers. GIFs can’t be used in top cover images)

The maximum file size you can upload for images is 50MB.

Filenames must be under 50 characters long.

These media file types are not compatible:

  • .psd
  • .tff
  • .ai
  • .sketch
  • .svg
  • .xd

Please export your work from Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, Figma, Adobe XD before uploading.

Dimensions and size

The dimensions and the size depend on the image type and how you want the image to appear on your showcase. However, all images must be no more than 15,000,000 pixels in total – i.e an image that’s 2500 x 2500 pixels = 6,250,000 pixels will be fine.

Project images

You can upload any aspect ratio of image.

When uploaded, the images will fill the page slot they are uploaded to, but the image will keep the same aspect ratio as the uploaded image. Try and use the largest possible size for uploads.

Images that are smaller will upscale and, depending on the device, may display distorted or pixelated.

Colour space – RGB and CMYK

All images need to be converted to RGB before uploading to the Showcase. CMYK will not display on Portfolio.


You can only style your text with:

  • bold
  • links.

Bold should be used sparingly – to highlight a few words only.

Underline and italics are available, but we don’t recommend using them, as they will make your text difficult to read.  Underline is usually only used for links.

Embedded media

When you embed media on the Showcase, the title, description and thumbnail image are pulled through. You can edit the title and the description if you want, but not the thumbnail.


You can embed a YouTube or Vimeo video.

  • Upload your video to your chosen platform.
  • Copy the URL (web address) of your video to embed it on your showcase.


You can embed an audio file if it is on SoundCloud.

  • Upload your audio to SoundCloud.
  • Copy the URL (web address) of your audio to embed it on your showcase.


You can embed a 3D model using SketchFab.

  • Upload your 3D model to SketchFab.
  • Copy the URL (web address) of your 3D model to embed it on your showcase.


You can upload PDF documents, but please make sure they are accessible.

  • The maximum file size you can upload for PDFs is 100MB. Please try to keep PDFs as small as possible as larger files will take longer to load and display online.
  • Filenames must be under 50 characters long.

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