Early Grief Special

Early Grief Special takes place in a greasy spoon. It is the only place in London where people are allowed to grieve. Even though the service is super quick (maybe too quick?), this is without a doubt the worst greasy spoon ever! Its purpose is to push bereaved people to feel better and move on quickly. A new customer arrives for their first meal, the Early Grief Special. They feel lost, alone and scared. Not wanting to face death and grief leads to the experience being more strange and unsettling…All they want is to find a quick fix and get out of there.–At first I wanted to make my film personal but then I changed my mind because my grief story does not need to be shared with everyone 🙂 I’m happy I realised that before it was too late aha. -I started thinking about this film idea last August during the summer holidays. The storyboard has changed a lot since then. I finished animating at the start of May. -I started building the set at uni but then had to move everything home before lockdown was announced. I’m very grateful that I was able to continue this fun and challenging project at home. It has kept me busy during lockdown and has allowed me to develop skills in puppet-making, model-making, stop-motion, editing and storyboarding.xxxxI thought I’d be more excited today to share this, but I’m not. With everything that’s going on I feel exhausted. (edit: Ah turns out it was just self-doubt and nerves lol) But I’m glad my film is done. Hope you like it. -Jess Chowdhury. Production Arts for Screen: Technical Arts 2020 grad film.

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