PUMA Unleash Your Super

This is a film I have created of which explores the powers that sportswear has on our abilities in life. By researching the idea of ‘Motors’ by Cooper: “The ‘motors’ of a costume have the power to dramatically alter the wearer’s sense of physical and psychological identity (Cooper, 1999, p. 37).” (Brownie, B. & Graydon, D. 2015, P. 24). and looking at Superhero/Comic references I am linking these with sportswear and how the motors of sportswear can give us (the consumer) a positive effect physically and mentally. My project will explore this by creating a campaign with this concept in mind for the sports brand PUMA. Credits: PHOTOGRAPHER: MARGHERITA ALLIEVI – https://www.instagram.com/marghe_all/ ASSISTED BY: AADI DII – https://www.instagram.com/aad.diilcf/

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