Seven Closest

500+ silicone figures, connected to motors connected by a physical computer and coded in a synchronized motion. The steel undulating landscape is graphed and regimented. A juxtaposition of the scattered, fleshy and imperfect crowd. The sound of the zipping motors creates a visceral physical experience, which corresponds with the slightly ominous movements of the characters. What they are paying homage to is deliberately left unclear, the only clear narrative is when one bows, the closest to them bows and then so on in a ripple effect. The human-like silicone creates a creepy, mischievous depiction of society and our human frailties, mocked in materiality and context. As individuals we are continuously decoding the reactions of others to decipher the severity of situations and how we should act, suppressing our own instincts.“Closest Seven” is a recurring theme in my work. I can’t hide from its stark parallelism to the current Pandemic, where my themes of research have literally unfolded.

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