Sometimes Walking to Nothing Can Lead to Something

The projection on top of these prints depicts a performance, where, from memory, I have painted the routes of these daily journeys and, when overlayed with the monoprints, creates a tension between the outdoor freedoms and the confinement of space. The repetitive action of returning to the same places led to a more abstract, geometric piece, that ultimately produced a black, rigid rectangle, representative of how the nature of these walks have been altered. The projection was on a split-screen, playing on a loop, again leading to a repetitive and inescapable cycle in the space, in contrast to the mapping of the outdoors. In the foreground of the installation sits an analogue television, which plays footage of sweeping, abandoned streets juxtaposed with claustrophobic indoor spaces. To get this footage onto the TV, I had to record it on a digital camera, project it onto a wall, and record it back through an old CCTV camera onto the tape, again constructing another repetitive and oppressive sequence. The journeys are becoming increasingly limited and multilayered to reflect this confinement. To increase the sense of distress, I have produced a soundscape by recording my footsteps as a way of mapping these daily journeys, and overlaid it with static and run it through a pedal to stretch out the steps and static. This creates a kind of dragging, burdened feel which is so present in these repetitive journeys, and by re-recording the recording multiple times, the sounds are essentially empty space playing back over each other.

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