Strawberry Emoji

Strawberry Emoji is an experimental film that explores non-traditional forms of visual narrative. The film follows one character on an introspective journey that explores notions of truth, reality and the self. When given the truth the main character is faced with the decision of what to do with it. The film flashes between reality and fantasy, leaving viewers unsure of what is real and what is not. Through the use of music, sound, color and set design Strawberry Emoji creates a unique viewing experience for viewers that leads to more questions that answers. Written, Directed and Produced by Gabriel MedinaCamera OperatorDiangelo CuevasSound DesignJordan MacapagalDirector of PhotographyKyle PereyFeaturing:Gabriel MedinaKeith BarrosMariah TurnerAnthony PerezDiangelo CuevasKyle PereyNicole CoronelJackson GoodellEileen SyropJulissa PradoElisa RayeBrandon MartinezSuki SumaMusic (in featured order):Wooden Heart BalladGabriel MedinaSUPERCELL Records 2020Strawberry Emoji Gabriel Medina (Mixed by Heirmax Jordan)SUPERCELL Records2020Better ViewsYellow HouseTuneCore (on behalf of Yellow House)2017Star DestroyerJonah RennaCourtesy of Jonah Renna2017Greg, Greg, GregThe MutalationsSausage King Records2018

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