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MA Photography

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My photographic practice explores the idea of ‘unintended consequences’ within the context of a consumer society. In social sciences, this term describes that the consequences of deliberate actions are often unforeseen and might ultimately make a situation worse.I am undertaking archaeological excavation of historic coastal landfill sites in the UK, using a range of photographic methods and photographic printing techniques. This includes cataloguing the sites, with a consideration of how each method of photographic classification unearths new material connotations about the landfill. All images are therefore visual interpretations of my research into the subjects and the subject matters, rather than straightforward records. I produce images in such a way because the subject matter of the image is not the subject of the work.My research-based practice has mainly involved book-making but now has shifted to focus on installation-based work. In this way, my practice is intended to provoke deep thought to consider about our own actions in terms of unintended consequences. At the same time, I am questioning the materiality and reproducibility of photography in the digital age, given the notion of photographs as consumer goods.


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