This is an ambient film developed from two of Japan’s issues related to climate change. One is incineration of municipal waste which releases CO2. This is reflected on the left side, starting from the close-up of one incineration plant in Tokyo, zooming out to eventually show two, as well as a large fish market beyond the foreground one. That connects to the second issue shown on the right: the decline in populations of pacific saury (Sanma) in the warming waters around Japan. As a result, this popular and familiar fish with the public in Japan is becoming more difficult to obtain, which is why its image fades out and in. Through these two juxtaposed images, it could be said that Sanma (=nature) is monitoring Tokyo landscape (=human acts) in a way.​ ​ Instead of trying to scare the audience, I tried to make it more pleasant both visually and audibly, so that they would keep watching and spontaneously start questioning themselves about climate change.

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