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Stefan J. Schaffeld

Central Saint Martins

MA Intercultural Practices

About me

Stefan J. Schaffeld is an independent visual artist, creative researcher, socially engaging practitioner, and professional art therapist. He holds a BA in Fine Art from the University of Creative Arts (UCA) in 2021 before starting an MA in Intercultural Practices at Central Saint Martins (UAL) in 2022.Intercultural and dialogical encounters, deep listening, and affective care characterize his practice within a relational intercultural field. He holds space for shared experiences that thrive on empathy and reciprocity and are built on truthfulness, endurance, cooperation, and a sense of community.Communicating with beings who do not share a common culture or language challenges us to listen more deeply and to find different ways of communicating. Through his art practice, he raises awareness of one's presence and feelings as an aesthetic and transformative experience in a space in between.



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