F304 The schedule of morning install and afternoon critic is the most familiar Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday in these 2 years. I recorded the sound of the morning install in F304 with a film-making audio device, and I played it back at 2 pm. The sound that had happened before in the same space. Sounds of people entering the space one after another with greetings, sounds of moving the exhibit walls, and sounds of someone trying to arrange each person's position. Conversations of all varieties occurred. The sound is perhaps the main character that we have never paid attention to, it is maybe the most real part of F304. We have always doubted the reality of time, the sound somehow proves the reality of time. Something real happened. The sound recorded in the morning started to play when everyone entered the room at 2 pm, and the temporal dislocation appeared in the same space. The overlap of sound in this space emerged. But what I didn't expect was that people started to discuss the issue of their privacy. It took many to realize that there had been a recording device in the classroom recording everything in the morning, and at this point, there was anger and questioning, as well as giggles and surprises. Many felt offended by my actions and that I had not made a prior statement, some felt that I was not offended because most people had seen the presence of this recording device and that I had not hidden the recording device. I reproduce the events that really happened and the invasion of privacy together in the argument. The issue of privacy is exposed in different contexts, how is privacy judged when it enters the realm of surveillance or public places? Is walking down the street and being recorded in some photographs by an artist without a purpose an invasion of pedestrian privacy by the artist? Is your chatting in a public setting in the background of a work judged to be an invasion of privacy? These arguments go beyond what I expected for this work. As an artist, what needs to be considered for the surroundings and others? The sounds I represented as the sculpture of memory and time. In F304, I explored the blurred time of space. As an audience that is not present, they are also less present to be surprised, angry, or offended. I am curious that some of the issues revealed in a context might not be an issue in a different context.

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