A new normal this year, the Covid-19 has affected our lives. I looked into how our life changed due to this pandemic situation. I realized we were always online, 24 hours a day. Our dependence on electronic devices reached an unprecedented level. We started to look through and get connected with the world through a tiny screen. My outcome of this project is a ball made of plastic foam, which I made to resemble an eyeball. The source where I drew my inspiration was our life during the social distancing life. The reason why I made this is that I want to emphasize the preciousness of the things around us, thus being a reminder of how to cherish all those little things that surround us. The white part here is made of plastic foam, while the red part you can see here is made with red acrylic paint and some glue, which can be erosive when meeting with plastic foam. And it was not a coincidence that I have chosen the red color. It looks like the color of our blood, something of the same importance as what the online life is to us now, inseparable to our life.

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