I combine four paintings and an object into a readable whole that explores the relationship between disaster and human beings, as well as how we regard our identity as the individual in an increasingly changing natural environment. The elements of this work come from my dreams about weather disasters, my childhood experiences of typhoons and Chinese ancient legends. I believe that my dreams are generated by my subconscious mind unconsciously placing myself in a dialogue with nature, which reflects the experiences and stories of disasters that I have seen and heard in real life, as well as the related thoughts and feelings about the environment that I am confused and unaware of. My subconscious mind, through these dreams, points me to a path of thinking about nature connectedness, helping me to reconnect with it in a way that I cannot articulate. In these dreams, which alternate between imagination and reality, I experienced four to five disasters, the fear I feel is unquestionable. The disasters in my dreams evoke a reverence for nature and a desire to be close to it despite the fear I feel. Fear and a wonderful sense of interconnectedness helped me to start painting. My thoughts are naturally infused with imagination, drifting into ancient times, scenes from dreams left in my memory and the mysterious multi-dimensional space of my fantasies, the uninhibited way of painting provides the premise for these thoughts to play freely. This work is a process of re-perceiving and reconnecting with nature in which I reflect on the climate crisis and our relationship to it, as well as the changes we need to make.


paper, crayon, crepe paper

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