A quarter of the global population is at risk of flooding, I did not aware that until the news came up to me that a 1000-year-flood attacked Henan province in China, in the subway line 5 which has taken over 14 lives, I saw a living hell. As a practitioner of art in Chinese, I want to whoop: Climate crisis is not only an item in reports, it is happening! As an artist who grew up near the Yangzi River, I am sensitive to floods. During my study at Guangzhou Art Academy, I created many artworks to tell the relationship between humans and nature. This time, I created 'The Deluges' as a pastiche of the renowned mural ‘The Deluge’ which was painted on the ceiling of Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. To express the authenticity of the authentic disasters, I cut 66 figures out from 23 photographs taken from real floods all over the world to take the place of all the figures in the original painting and created a digital surrealist collage. The original painting depicted an apocalypse from God, however, the 23 deluges behind those figures in my artwork are the epitomes of apocalypse from nature.

Pastiche of 'The Deluge'

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