Knife Crime: How adults are trying to tackle knife crime & working with the youth to prevent it 2020


Knife crime is very apparent in London and has affected those closest to me. This photo series displays adults and youth involved in the process in prevention of knife crime that has always existed as well as educating about it. Knife crime affects real people and families, as devastating as it is life goes on and positives can come out of it.

Mosam Ex Police Cadet

Mosam was part of the police cadets, aiming to bridge the gap between the youth and the police

Knife pictured outside Lidl in Mitcham

This photograph triggered the project as seeing a knife outside a local grocery shows how real and available knife crime is

Coffee with PC.

PC. I interviewed wanted to remain anonymous as we had a chat over coffee about her options on knife crime and the police’s response to it

Child drawing weapon

Little boy draws the weapon used to stab his father as he shares his personal account on his experience with knife crime

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