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Sofia Perera - Graduate

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

About me

I am Sofia Perera, a London based creative graduate from UAL: London College of Communications with a BA in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography.The key themes of my work are focused on community, identity, and perspective. Other works of my photographic practice look into our relationship with our space and identity. They are expressed through projects on self reflection, as well as collaborations with friends and family. I see my work as a visual diary to articulate my passions, explorations and progress. I have worked with multimedia including studio, outdoors, infrared, digital and analog photography, as well as film making (and editing), stock motion, illustration and digital art.My photographs show the things that the eye may not notice at first glance, as well as what may be influenced by prejudice. They set you up to face your preconceived thoughts and feelings, to then look at the same things through a different perspective. Storytelling in my practice has been a great source of understanding my community and myself better. As a creative, I wish to share a glimpse into one’s reality, and if someone else can take anything from it (a feeling, a question, an idea etc.) then it has fulfilled its duty. An important factor in regards to my work is the human aspect to not photograph anthropological pieces, as well as making clear that the individuals’ stories shared are one aspect of them, not definitive to be used as a stereotype or statistic. People are multifaceted and this can be forgotten when viewing with an unconscious bias. Spending time to gain trust through conversations is imperative to my work. By having “difficult” conversations for my projects, relationships blossomed through a newfound level of understanding of one another.



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