‘Emotions’ is built on investigating 'feeling' in order to promote and inspire individuals to express themselves. After viewing a programme on '‘how to be happy, according to the happiest people in the world’ (CNBC, 2022), I was inspired to explore the many emotional elements that interact with their complexities and contribute to making people feel happy. Finland and Denmark have been ranked first in the United Nations most respected index, the World Happiness Report, in the six areas of life satisfaction: income, healthy life expectancy, social support, freedom, trust, and generosity, according to this CNBC documentary.


Development page - working on the body

EMOTION | FINAL MAJOR PROJECT | Final shoot of development headwear

Final shoot

EMOTION | FINAL MAJOR PROJECT | Final shoot of samples

Final shoot

EMOTION Fashion Film 2022 | Directed by JOSHUA & THANSEELA

Garment/embroidery textiles: @thanseela_abdulkabeer, Hair: @laurastella.mua, Makeup: @makeup.j_lin, Videographer: @joshworldpeace, Model : @anyaballerinaofficial

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