my final project for my production arts course, inspired by the local where I was born: Cuthbert of northumbria. I took the book written by anglo Saxon historian st bede 'the life of st. Cuthbert' and extrapolated a set of designs inspired by this and reading between the lines in conjunction with research and discussions with historians about the reality of Cuthbert's life. I hope to use this project to draw me closer to the place that I call home while shining a light on the potentially uncomfortable reality that was Cuthbert's life rather than the all too comforting well know narrative

Lindisfarne monestry (mid/rear B-B) tech drawing

Lindisfarne monestry (front E-E) tech drawing

late stage tech drawing (side) for Lindisfarne monestary

a technical drawing done near the end of the project depicting a creative reimagining if Lindisfarne monastery

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