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Alexa Sara Phillips - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

About me

Science fiction and science reality enthusiast/ specialist, most of my work is inspired by these topics, if not theres usually a hidden referance to something sci-fi. I find dynamacism in the genre as it is defined by how people think the world will be, could be and could have been... for better or worse. The other major theme within my artwork is transgender rights and a narrative of my own ongoing transition. My Final major project was due to be a small mockup space ship cockpit that people could sit in and interact with, a sort of upgrade from 'soap box spaceships' most of us used to imagine as kids. I wanted to capture the tension and the 'in the moment' emotions that a real spaceship would create and allow the public to feel this for themselves. This unfortunately was cut short by the horrifying pandemic that has gripped the world, having only just baptised it the 'diamond princess' to honour those lost to us from the virus, I was forced to leave all but one control panel in the studio. Setting up a makeshift workshop in my garage I continued my work through smaller, themed objects.



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