Isaac Asimov. Known, by most, for his laws of robotics and his book 'I robot' which was later adapted for film. However when asked, for the 'character' portion of the 'exit light, enter night' project to create a visualisation of a character, I turned to one of his other books. specifically the first in his 'Foundation' trilogy. This is Lord Dorwin, an eccentric, very wealthy galactic diplomat. I drew on inspiration from the 'Capitol' culture from the 'Hunger Games' franchise which I felt was exactly the feeling this character eminated. He is an armchair archeologist and represents the decay and ignorance of the galactic empire that the trilogy centers on. I also feel like this is exactly what Asimov was tryuing to comment on, the fact that no matter how sophisticated, empires always fall. For this project I created and designed a pattern from scratch from drawings I had made when I started reading the book. Then from that, created a waistcoat, cloak, cravate and even a cigar case, it is the first full costume I have created from scratch. I learned a huge amount from this project, especially in relation to sewing and textiles.

Initial sketches For lord Dorwin

This is one of the orininal sketches I created based on the Character 'Lord Dorwin' (this is one of the later ones I used to help work out the patterns)

costume for Lord Dorwin on manequin

costume for Lord Dorwin on manequin

Cigar case design

Aimov kept mentioning cigars as a common comodity in 'foundation' and I felt like Lord Dorwin was just the right character to smoke cigars, so I added this detail to finish off the design.

Finished cigar and case

(vac formed plastic, vinyl cut lettering and a sharpie covered in masking tape and brown paint

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