Mockup spaceship cockpit to create the feelings of an extraordinary experiance for the ordinary people. (note project could not be completed due to the scale of the project and not being able to come into college to work on it during the pandemic) working out of my gararge oi created a series of smaller props based on this idea and narative. Using both realworld and fictional ones to create a balance between reality and science fiction not only to recreate a childlike buzz of excitement upon viewing but comment on the recent exponential growth of independent companies like spaceX(Tm). This project also represents the culmunation of the years learning at my foundation course, really pushing the boundries of what I could achieve while balancing preplanned contingencies and despite the virus I still managed to create a functioning controll panel with a sleave for a tablet, a small sensor device in a silver painted case adding all the functionallity I would have added to the full project regardless but in a mopre compact package and a sci-fi rifle to help form a narrative and explore the style and design. I also created smaller pieces inspired by but not directly project work.

Abandoned Dream

surviving panel from cockpit laid out drawing inspiration from artist Simon Stalenhag

Side panel and abort switch

a side panel from the original construction at college including a custom painted 'abort' rocket switch.

original hatch decal

picture from the construction of the origional mockup, specifically the hatch panel

Have you got all your things ready to go?

This picture showcases two elements I incorporated into this project to increase immersivity, after lockdown meant I had to work out of my garage my project became more focused on the character that would inhabit my mockup spacecraft had i been able to fully build it. And so these where the products ,along with a prop 'laser blaster' (not shown) and a previous version of the computer that was mounted in a small case rather than wrist mounted (not shown).

Personal. Environmental. Monitor (P.E.M) MK.III V1.2.0

origionally I planned to have this concept mounted in a small carry case but after programming failed and I blew one of my components, I decided to revive one of my old projects (which admittedly also failed under similar circumstance) however undeterred and in it's third iteration this device incorporates design and context ideas from accross the science fiction genre (most notably the 'pip boy' from the videogame franchise 'fallout') to create the 'new penknife'. this version does genuinely work and the programing has been updeated sice this photo was taken along with velcro strips on the top to hold my phone. The device even makes use of a genuine geiger counter and runs off a computer (an arduino uno) that is similar in capacity to that used to control the Curiosity rover on Mars. contextually it is a convenient computer that would, if developed, be genuinely use full to any budding astronaut and having the ability to usilise tools that phones simply can't in such a compact space could in theory be usefull in many other situations, like search and resue, paramedics and law enforcement, due to its dynamacism I dubbed it 'the new penknife'.

Simon Stalenhag inspired statuette

this stattuette is inspired by 'the electric state' by Simon Stalenhag as an exploration of his styles and themes.

original design for the personal environmental monitor

original design for the personal environmental monitor

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