This photographic series examines the divisive nature of a city. It, however, takes a less straightforward route and looks not at the divisions but at the lack of divisions to understand the divisions that make up a city. It highlights how the London Underground, or the ‘tube’ is a public space within the city where segregation is seldom evident. It is one of those places in an otherwise fast-paced, globalized, multicultural and dissected city that masks the divide between its people. For me, personally, the tube has always felt like a safe haven, a place where I can slow down, not feel judged and freely be myself. It is simply a mode of transport but traveling on it daily reminds me that even with all our differences, we are all the same in that we are human. The use of black and white and grainy images and slow shutter speeds to blur out people evoke a sense of ambiguity and a feeling of incompleteness. It attempts to show the lack of segregation and compartmentalisations that subtly exist on the public transport system and indicates how this journey on the tube and the feeling of safety and belongingness is fleeting and that eventually, we have to come out of that space and face the realities of living in a big city where everything remains divided and categorized and where people are treated differently. The underground functions as a fascinating space that pledges to remain undivided in an increasingly divided city and this body of work attempts to celebrate that. The output of this project consisted of web images and a mini-printed zine. It was also exhibited at Copeland Gallery, Peckham in March 2023.

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