What makes good food good? For many, it’s knowing where the food was grown, by whom and most important of all, how. For instance, is it organic? Was it grown locally? Were animals treated well? The latter is often overlooked and one that people are seldom aware of. When it comes decorated in our plates as the widely loved ‘chicken wings’, it’s hard to stop and wonder what kind of inhumane treatment they might be subject to. Chickens are among the most abused animals on the planet. Chicken production is one of the biggest causes of animal cruelty and accounts to the largest industrial production of meat. There comes a point where a problem becomes too big to comprehend – the size of the problem does very little to make it more compelling and potent. One classic example of this is the climate change crisis – the vast, overwhelming and complex nature of our warming planet has been a massive hurdle for those tasked with convincing the policy makers and the public at large that we need to take urgent action. And the same effect can be seen with animal welfare, specifically with chickens and other factory-farmed animals. This photographic series was shot in the markets and butcheries of Bangalore, India in December 2021. It aims to launch an investigation into what goes on behind the scenes of animal farms and slaughterhouses and attempt to expose how chickens, the most consumed type of meat worldwide, is brought to our plates. The final output was a series of digital photographs shot on a digital camera.

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