‘The surveyor of woman in herself is male: the surveyed female. Thus she turns herself into an object - and most particularly an object of vision: a sight’ John Berger, Ways of Seeing 1972 This collection aims to explore the relationship between the body and the mind through analysing how the internalised male gaze creates discomfort and guilt within feminine identities. Through examining the mental turmoil that manifests itself within the subconscious and how the feelings of objectification create unease and frustration, my work will highlight the disturbing personal effect of internalised misogyny. In interpreting the subconscious desire to appease the male gaze and the shame that comes with this sacrifice, I want to expose the darker side of femininity. By utilising conceptual design I intend to express this by using purposeful materials that evoke the feeling and experience of self-condemnation, infusing garments with the harshness of the self-punishing mentality of objectification. This work challenges the complacency of gender performance.


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